The District 12-N newsletter, the News & Views, is published approximately monthly and is sent to every member who has an email address.

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Guidelines for submitting material for the News & Views:

  • Submissions can be emailed to the News & Views Editor at:
  • The submission deadline is the 20th of each month.
  • Due to limited space, keep submissions or articles brief and to the point (150-175 words max).  Include relevant event information and verify the accuracy of dates, times, locations, and contact information.
  • When submitting pictures, please include a brief caption describing the picture.
  • Include the Lions Club name in the text for club events or announcements.
  • Provide a contact number in case the Editor has questions or needs more information

Past issues of the  News & Views are archived here:

2023-2024 Lions Year: (PDF Files)

2022-2023 Lions Year: (PDF Files)

2021-2022 Lions Year:  (PDF Files)

2020-2021 Lions Year:  (PDF Files)

2019-2020 Lions Year:  (PDF Files)

2018-2019 Lions Year:  (PDF Files)

2017-2018 Lions Year:  (PDF Files)

2016-2017 Lions Year:  (PDF Files)

2015-2016 Lions Year:  (PDF Files)

2014-2015 Lions Year:  (PDF Files)

2013-2014 Lions Year: (PDF Files)