Constitution & By-Laws

The following proposals were provided in the November-December 2108 issue of the News & Views, and will be voted upon at the March 8-10, 2019 District 12-N Convention:

1. Resolution:

Whereas, the Norris Lions Club of District 12N has requested that the Hearing and Speech Foundation of Maryville, Inc. be included as one of the Charities supported by District 12N Charities, and

Whereas, The procedures specified by the District 12N Bylaws ARTICLE XII for requesting such change were followed by the Norris Lion Club,

Now, therefore, District 12N Bylaws, ARTICLE IX (District Projects and Grants), Section 3. (Designated District Projects), is amended to include “12) Hearing and Speech Foundation of Maryville, Inc.”

A proposed copy of the revised  By-Laws can be reviewed here.

2. Updates to the Constitution & By-Laws

Why are changes necessary and what are they? The current governing documents indicate that District 12N has the fundraising responsibility, via White Cane Collections and other projects, to provide money to District 12N Charities for safekeeping and disbursal by its Directors/Trustees in accordance with a budget adopted during a meeting associated with the District 12N Convention. In practice, one of those fundraising activities has been a gaming event (reverse raffle) which is authorized under Tennessee Law only to 501 (c)(3) charitable organizations of which Lions District 12N Charities is one. The proposed changes transfer the responsibility of fund raising for Lions District 12N Charities from the District 12N Constitution and Bylaws to Lions District 12N Charities in order to come into technical compliance with Tennessee Law. The proposed changes have three parts:

1)Transfer fundraising responsibility to 12N Charities,

2) Ensure continued oversight of the Charitable arm by District 12N Lions of East Tennessee, and

3) Election of the President of Lions District 12N Charities by its members rather than by its Directors/Trustees.

While the concept and rational for the proposed changes are simple in concept, the enabling language in each of the effected documents is beyond what can be published in the News & Views.

A proposed copy of the revisions can be reviewed here.


Current Constitution & By-Laws documents:



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