Tennessee “Lions Hall of Fame”

MISSION:  To honor those Lions of Tennessee who have distinguished themselves through dedicated selfless service beyond the club.  Recognizing the humanitarian endeavors of these Lions to make the world a much better place to live.

Download a PDF version of the eligibility criteria and Hall of Fame Nomination Form Here

The following District 12-N Lions have been recognized in the Tennessee Lions Hall of Fame since it was established in 2010 through 2023:

    • PDG Wendy Cain, Oak Ridge Lions Club (2023)
    • PDG Clare Crawford, Knox North Lions Club (2015)
    • PDG David Crawford, Farragut Lions Club (2015)
    • PCC Joe Dailey, Karns Lions Club (2010)
    • PID Herbert Diggs (memorial), Oak Ridge Lions Club (2010)
    • PDG Ed Gibbons, Johnson City Noon Lions Club (2017)
    • PCC Julian (Tony) Gross, Karns Lions Club (2023)
    • PCC Nancy Hall, West Knox Lions Club (2020)
    • Robert B. Harrington, West Knox Lions Club (2014)
    • PCC Dean Harshbarger, Norris Lions Club (2016)
    • PCC William “Bill” Howell, West Knox Lions Club (2012)
    • PDG John Kelsey, Clinton Lions Club (2020)
    • Jerry Lonon, Johnson City Lions Club (2015)
    • PDG James P. Masters, Newport Lions Club (2010)
    • PDG Jim McFarland, West Knox Lions Club (2016)
    • PDG Robert Miller, Kingsport Lions Club (2016)
    • PDG Bill R. Moore, Kingsport Lions Club (2014)
    • PDG C.S. Needham, Fountain City Lions Club (2011)
    • PDG Dennis Powell, Johnson City Lions Club (2012)
    • PDG Roy Proffitt, Newport Lions Club (2011)
    • PDG John P. Sanders, Oak Ridge Lions Club (2013)
    • PDG W.A. “Bill” Shannon, Karns Lions Club (2010)
    • PDG William Slover, Karns Lions Club (2023)
    • PDG Neal Vaughan, Clinton Lions Club (2020)
    • PID William B. “Bill” Watkins, Loudon Lions Club (2010)
    • C.B. Willis, Jr., Johnson City Lions Club (2014)
    • Dr. Paul Wittke, West Knox Lions Club (2022)
    • PDG John Wolfe, Rogersville Lions Club (2013)