Guidelines for the Virginia Lindsey Leadership Award


Each Lions Club in Tennessee is asked to choose a nominee for this award before February 28, each year. The nominee may be either a man or woman who is a Lion. Please use the following guidelines in making your selection:


  1. be fifty (50) years of age or younger,
  2. be a Lion for not more than eight (8) years,
  3. be a Lion in “good standing” from a club in “good standing,”
  4. be a regular attendee in the local Lions Club,
  5. have a well-defined sense of mission and purpose and be service oriented,
  6. be able to set clear goals and to give clear directions,
  7. display self-confidence and the desire to lead directions, and develop teams to get results and
  8. show interest by attendance and participation in the District and State events.


Past District Governors, District Governors, Vice District Governors and their spouses are not eligible to receive this award as they have had their opportunity to serve in a leadership role.


Guidance for the selection process should consider the following:

  1. 60% – SERVICE in LIONISM – explain in detail and give examples (committees on which served and on which chaired, awards, members sponsored, etc.)
  2. 30% – SERVICE in CHURCH and COMMUNITY – explain in detail and give examples (boards and committees on which served, workshops or training sessions conducted, and awards received , etc.)
  3. 10% – OVERALL CONDUCT in the everyday world (examples set by this person and reputation in the community)

Club nominations must be forwarded to the District Chairperson by February 28 each year.

The District Virginia Lindsey Leadership Committee must select the District 12-N recipient and forward to the State Chair no later than March 15 each year. Presentation of the District and State recipients will be made at the State Convention.

Mail your nominations to:

PCC Brandon Johnson
District 12-N Chair
       145 Hope La
      LaFollette, TN  37766

Your nomination may be made in the form of a letter stressing the background of the nominee according to the Guidance given above. Please state that the nominee is a Lion and give his/her Club membership, plus current age and the number of years that the candidate has been a member of Lions Clubs International.

To help you in the preparation of this submission, a general form [CLICK HERE] is available that you may use in presenting your nominee. Remember that this form must be received by February 28 each year. You may send the printed nomination by U.S. Post Office or in electronic form as an attachment to an email message to

If you have any questions or comments, please call PCC Brandon Johnson at 423-494-4894.