Karen Taylor Good

One of the inspiring and motivational speakers at the 2010 USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum was Karen Taylor-Good.  Karen was also a special part of the 2012 District 12-N Spring Convention in Knoxville.

When researching the Lions Club for an earlier speaking engagement, she became so enamored with all that we do, that she wanted to write a song for us.  In her words:

“Because You Serve” is my love song for the Lions.  I actually wrote this song before I became a Lion — but it means more to me each day.  You all do so much — thank you.

Click to listen to “Because You Serve“:

As she got to know more Lions and become a Lions Club member herself, she realized we weren’t the best at “tooting our own horn”.   Her second song is a celebration of Lionism that she shares:

“We Serve” is an anthem to let people know Lions rock — and they should join us!

Click to listen to “We Serve“:

Karen also wrote this special song for District 12-N Governor Chuck Bailey and members of his Cabinet, which she performed at the 2012 Spring Convention:


Visit Karen Taylor-Good’s web site, http://www.stowegood.com and YouTube channel.

[Songs used on this web site with permission from Karen Taylor Good Music]


Tribute to Lions — 2 Comments

  1. I am a Keene, NH Lion. I am in the process of creating a video to tell the story the history and current story of the Keene Club, Lions International, and what we as Lions are all about. It is to be used for Club non-commercial PR purposes. I found Karen’s “We Serve”, and would love to be able to use it a part of music in the video.
    1. May I download and use it, giving Karen a credit without specific permission?
    2. Both songs above are ” Because You Serve”. The second one should be “We Serve” .



  2. Lion Bob, we cannot authorize other uses of Karen’s songs. However, I will email you additional information to request permission from Karen Taylor Good Music. Sounds like a great project; I hope it turns out well!