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Solicitation of Donations can be conducted:

  • In person
  • By mail
  • Through media appeals (newspaper, radio, television)
  • Traffic/shopper stops
  • Online

Some creative ideas to solicit donations:

  • Engraved Bricks – For capital campaigns/physical locations (search for “engraved bricks for fundraiser” for a variety of providers)
  • Write a personal appeal letter to family and friends on your Christmas Card list
  • Ask for donations at stop lights/signs – call it “Highway Robbery”
  • Use a “bucket brigade” during a 4th of July parade to collect donations for fireworks that evening
  • Partner with a local race track for “Lions Night at the Races” where members can solicit at gates, drivers pass their helmets for collections, etc.
  • Restaurant Roundup – arrange with restaurant to ask patrons if they wish to round up their check to support your cause. 
  • Solicit businesses for specific project donations (ex. assist with Christmas Food Baskets)
  • Pass out candy canes instead of White Canes 
  • Use an online processor such as to request donations (must be a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization) 
  • Ask Facebook Friends or other social network contacts to make a donation to your project or cause (using a link to fundraising page or “Causes” application)


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