District 12-N 2020 President Training


  1. Serve as the chief executive officer of the club.
  2. Preside at all meetings (Club and Board of Directors).
  3. Chair the Club Global Action Team.
  4. With Club Officers and Committee Chairs, implement a plan for membership growth, community engagement, operational improvement and the fulfillment of humanitarian services as presented and approved by the Club’s Board of Directors.
  5. Issue the call for regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors.
  6. Appoint standing and special Committees of the Club.
  7. Serve as an ex-officio member of all Club Committees.
  8. See that elections are called, notices provided, and held.
  9. Ensure the club is operating in accordance with local laws.
  10. Ensure proper administration of Club operations by ensuring that all Club officers and members adhere to the Club’s Constitution & By-Laws, and the International Constitution & By-Laws.
  11. Encourage diplomacy and solve disputes in a fair and transparent manner.
  12. Be an active member of the District Governor’s Advisory Committee of the Zone in which the Club is located.
  13. Serve as a mentor to vice presidents to ensure the continuance of effective leadership.
  14. Serve as a member of the Lions Volunteer Blind Industries (LVBI) Board of Governors. The annual Board of Governors meeting is usually held in April. [District 12-N specific duty]

Best Practices

  1. Have a well thought out agenda for each meeting, provide copies.
  2. Have a small American flag with you for all meetings (as a backup).
  3. Understand Parliamentary Procedure; use Robert’s Rules of Order to efficiently conduct Club business.
  4. Match members’ interests, skills, and knowledge to Committee assignments.
  5. Assign Vice Presidents to work with Committees. They should oversee, assist, and mentor, but not take over.
  6. Provide job descriptions for each Committee.
  7. Support all Club activities.
  8. Recognize and reward the efforts of your Club members.
  9. Represent your Club at Zone Meetings, District Meetings/Convention, Multiple District Convention, and International Convention (as able)
  10. Identify any District or Multiple District representation you may have as your Club’s President.
  11. Keep a President’s Binder:
    • Calendar of Events
    • Club Budget (Activity & Admin)
    • Club Constitution & By-Laws
    • Meeting Agendas and Minutes
    • Club and District Directories
    • List of Officers and Committees