District leadership is guided by the District Governor (DG) and two Vice District Governors (VDGs), who are officers of the international association.  The 2nd VDG is elected by delegates from the clubs in the district at the Spring Convention, which is usually held in February or March.  After serving as 2nd VDG for a one-year term, the individual is normally elected to the office of 1st VDG the following year and DG the year after that.

The DG and the VDGs assume their respective offices at the close of the international convention, or generally July 1.  The district may also have a Fall Conference.  Districts are sub-divided into regions, which are then divided into zones.  Regions and zones have chairmen who monitor the clubs in their hierarchy.

The District Cabinet is the group of Lions who serve as advisors to the DG.  The Cabinet is made up of the VDGs, immediate Past District Governor, Cabinet Secretary and Treasurer, Region Chairs (if appointed), Zone Chairs, and Activity or Program Chairs.  District by-laws require Cabinet meetings to be held at least once per quarter.