2010-2011 Lions District 12-N Governor Bill McDonald

12-N District Governor Bill McDonald

I wish to thank the members of Lions District 12N for their support of my nomination and election as District Governor for the year 2010-11.

I hold that trust in the highest regard and will try to the best of my ability to maintain the highest standards in accomplishing the goals placed before me by the District and its club members.

I know that a year is a short time to accomplish many things, but it is a period in which a person can change direction, start new projects, finish former leaders’ goals and continue those projects that have endured the test of time.

Change is not good if there is no practical reason for it.  Change of direction is only valid if you have a reason and purpose for that change.  To modify, add, or delete a District Project is only as good as the planning and preparation going into the proposed change.

Dreams are what our Goals and aspirations are based on.  The first regular scheduled Cabinet meeting will be held at the Lions Volunteer Blind Industries in Morristown, starting at 8:30AM, on Saturday July 31st. The presentation of reports will be held to a minimum to conserve time for training. We will be offering training for club officers, as well as Zone and Cabinet Chairs. We will be conducting short and long range planning meetings at the District 12N Cabinet meeting following the business meeting at 1PM. Bring your dreams and ideas to the meeting so we might be able to move the District forward and provide the best services possible to our community.

The Planning meeting will be held with all PDGs and interested Lions to help us plan for our future in Tennessee Lionism. Lunch will be provided, and yes, even though I will be there, we will be having steak. Please plan to attend and let’s have a great new year. Please reply to Cabinet Secretary Edna at E-mail elongwell@yahoo.com or phone 423-967-8377 if you plan on attending.

Again, thanks for letting me serve you and your clubs in the coming year. Lion Members are the reason we exist for without him or her we can do nothing. Be a Beacon of Lionism in your community.

DG Bill McDonald

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