6Knoxville Area Project Access (KAPA) is partnering with East Tennessee Lions (through funding by the East Tennessee Lions Eye Bank) to provide vision-related medical assistance for free.  The objective is to enroll patients referred from East Tennessee Lions Clubs into KAPA. The 30 patients enrolled will receive donated medical care, including eye care, from KAPA’s volunteer network of over 1,200 physicians, physician extenders and all Knox area hospitals. The project started in December 2014 and continued into the fourth annual cycle which runs until November 30, 2018.

Here is how the process works:

  1. An East Tennessee (District 12-N) Lions Club identifies an individual with the following characteristics:
    • A need for a VISION-related operation (cataract, cornea, retina, etc.)
    • Household income less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level guidelines for Tennessee
    • NO health insurance
  2. The Lions Club completes the District vision assistance application and sends it to the Special Projects Committee.  The application is in two files, and both must be submitted for consideration.
    • Download Cover sheet – must be completed by sponsoring Lions Club
    • Download Application – must be completed by applicant
  3. The application is reviewed by an appointed Special Projects Committee.  If this Committee determines the application is in order and the individual is a KAPA candidate, the application is forwarded to KAPA.
  4. Each patient is contacted within 24 hours of KAPA receiving the application.
  5. During the initial contact with the patient, a member of KAPA’s enrollment staff will perform an eligibility screening (confirming eligibility requirements noted in item 1 above)
  6. If a patient appears to meet the eligibility requirements during the initial contact, KAPA will schedule an intake appointment. While scheduling the intake appointment, KAPA will inform patients of information to bring which will be required for enrollment. This information includes, but not limited to:  a valid photo ID, 90 days of pay stubs, bank statements, unemployment benefits or any additional income, government assistance documentation (Social Security, disability, food stamps, etc.), and income tax documents. Each patient’s situation is different so some of the items listed may not be required while other patients may be asked for additional information.
  7. A KAPA enrollment specialist will meet with the patient during the scheduled intake appointment. During that appointment, the patient will complete a KAPA application and submit the requested income and personal information. If any information is missing or more information is required, the enrollment specialist will inform the patient at this time.
  8. If the patient submitted all required information during the intake appointment, the patient will be informed of the status of enrollment within 48 hours. If the patient did not submit all required information, the enrollment specialist will continue to follow up with the patient until the required information is submitted.
  9. Once a patient is enrolled, the patient is assigned a KAPA Care Manager. The Care Manager is responsible for helping the patient navigate the healthcare system and to coordinate all medical appointments for the patient while enrolled in KAPA.
  10. The first step the Care Manager does is to establish the patient at a primary care home. If the primary care provider feels the patient needs to see a specialist or have any procedures done, the provider will send KAPA a referral and then the Care Manager will coordinate that referral within our volunteer provider network.
  11. Before every appointment and after every appointment, the KAPA Care Manager calls the patient. During these phone calls, the Care Manager ensures the patient has a thorough understanding of the appointment and does not have any questions.

There is NO COST to the individual or the Lions Club for this service.