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It is great to be a Lion! It was my pleasure to visit Harriman, Union County and Morristown Clubs this past month. Thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality. I would also like to thank our Region and Zone Chairs Edna Longwell, Bran-don Johnson, Peggy Chandler, Mark Sheridan, Tony Fleming, Teresa Clinton and Ron Lockhart for all you do for out district.

District Conventions are on the agenda for February. Each district (12-L, I, O, N, S) has a convention, four in February and one in March. It is my plan to attend each district’s convention. District 12-N is February 19th and 20th where district officers will be elected. I hope to see you there.

It is that time again for your club to appoint a committee to nominate club officers for 2016/2017. It is so very important that we get this completed and new club officers elected. Once your new club officers are elected by your club members, be sure to complete LCI form PU101 and summit to LCI. Please complete by March 15. This is a few weeks before the required date from LCI, however our District Directory Committee would appreciate the extra time to complete their commitments.  Thank you for your support with new officer elections!


DG Fletcher Stephens

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