2010-2011 Lions District 12-N Governor Bill McDonald

12-N District Governor Bill McDonald

Well it feels like a big step has been taken with the first District Cabinet meeting completed.  I know now of some of the critical problems within the District and I appreciate the candor at the planning meeting.

I will be working on a location for at least two new clubs this year and district we start a program to help those clubs needing assistance in maintaining their numbers.  Whether we are dealing with clubs with small numbers or starting new clubs the effort must start now or we will not reverse the trend we are in now.

The District was a bright star in the crown of the multi-district only a few years ago, but we are one of 4 that had negative numbers last year.  If your club is in trouble, please ask for assistance.  It can’t be ignored any longer.  It’s all of our responsibilities to recruit new members to join us in our endeavors to help our fellow Tennesseans when they are in need.

I was extremely pleased with the number of Lions who were at the cabinet meeting and stayed for the planning session that followed.  Thank you for the effort you put out, I know that giving up a Saturday is difficult and I do appreciate it.

I will be attending the Multi-District Council meeting next week and we will be discussing a special project to be held in the State at a site to be determined later.  The special project is to establish a Tennessee State Lions Summer Camp for the Sight and Hearing impaired.   I was surprised last year when our district was asked to help sponsor a young person to go to camp out side of the State.  When I checked with the other districts none have a site to send our Sight and Hearing impaired.  If any of you know of a site or a camp that we could partner with, let any of me know so that we will be able to best help those in need.

The web-site is being reworked and will take on a new look in a few weeks and we hope that it will be easier for individuals to add pictures and articles.  I have found that it is almost impossible to keep our current address rosters current, with the rapid change of e-mail addresses and changing of our phone numbers.  Please keep us informed of any changes to your information so we might be able to best serve you with current information.  Contact me at wlm02@juno.com or call 423-563-0057 with changes.

Clubs, please check the Lions International web site regularly to make sure that your club information is correct.   When putting together my visitation schedule I have found numerous errors at International and in our current Directory.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you during my visits and please make plans to attend our Annual Convention to be held in Knoxville, at Rothchilds Convention Center, on 18-19 February 2011.

DG Bill McDonald

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