Roar Lions,

Finally, the District convention is finished, for this year.
Believe it or not planning for it took months and consumed
all my time and energy for two months. I was so nervous. I
didn’t expect that. When I sing, I’m generally not nervous,
but then, I’m a singer not a speaker. I want to thank you all
for coming and not making me feel bad about all the
changes, and especially the forgotten spots.

I hope you had a good time. If you came Friday night, then I know you did.  Aaron T & Music on the Go were amazing. I haven’t done the Limbo or the Twist since I was a teenager.

ID BJ Blankenship and his wife PDG Carolyn were wonderful speakers but I think the part I liked the best was when ID BJ sat down and talked with us about some of the things LCI is thinking about for the future. There will be an increase in membership dues coming and a program to help us revitalize our Clubs and our District. I’m looking forward to seeing our Clubs grow stronger.

Lion Dianne Corlew told us about some of her experiences while traveling with her husband, International President Bob Corlew, along with some great pictures. They had so many chances to share in “Kindness Matters”. Small deeds make big differences.

The theme “Kindness Matters” will continue at least through 2020-21. It’s something we can all embrace. I wonder how many of our clubs have Lions that have left our clubs because of discord within our clubs. It’s so easy to let our respect for our fellow Lions lapse when we’re discussing something we’re passionate about. What’s more important, our passion or the service our club is going to be doing. Our service is how we show our kindness to our community, how we change lives for the better. We need all our Lions to do that. What a better subject for February.

Kindness Matters!

Roar Lions. Roar with all your heart!

Carol McDonald, District Governor (Note the change in email address)


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