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An Innovative Approach

When the going gets tough, sometimes the tough have to become innovative.

I have challenged every club president to increase club membership by one to two new members during the final three months of this program year. I have also recommended two specific strategies to use in accomplishing this challenge.

First, is the strategy of recruiting new members. This is the traditional and preferred method of adding new members. Club members ask relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow church members and others to attend club meetings or to assist with service projects and then invite them to become members.

Second, is the strategy of awarding new members. This is a new and innovative way of adding members. Club members approve the use of administrative funds to award a membership to a deserving individual or couple.

Many clubs have non-members individuals or couples who often assist with service projects. Also, many clubs have non-member business owners who often assist the club through facility, material or financial donations.

If you do not have non-members in these two categories, then consider recent retirees (like a recently retired and well-respected school teacher), or a recently returning honorably-discharged military veteran (their membership application fee is now free) or a recently graduated high school student leader who is 18 years old and still living in your community (like a student who was student council president, 4-H club president or JROTC commander).

Award these types of individuals/couples with a three-month membership and then work on getting them involved in your club activities, committed to Lionism and ready to become a regular paying member.

Members, please support your club president in achieving this challenge. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Now is the time to get going and to get growing.

Thanks for your support!

District Governor Mike

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