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It is time to Get Going!

Our District 12-N Convention was held last month. We had a total of 78 Lions in attendance on Friday and 101 Lions in attendance on Saturday. Governors and others from all five districts in Tennessee attended. Thanks to all for your attendance.

By all accounts, attendees enjoyed the entertainers, appreciated the opening ceremony, were touched by the necrology service, gained knowledge from the presentations, were inspired by the program on service projects from around the world, were motivated by the keynote speaker, loved the meals, accomplished necessary business, elected great officers, honored a number of members/clubs and got some good deals at the silent auction! If you were not there, you missed a special time with fellow Lions.

As of Feb. 26, 2014, District 12-N has added 83 new members and has lost 86 members for a net membership change of -3 for this year. We now have 957 members but need 1,250 to be considered as a healthy district. A number of clubs have not added any new members this year. FOR THREE REASONS, WE NEED TO GET GOING, TO DO MORE AND TO GROW OUR MEMBERSHIP.

First and most importantly, if your club is not adding new members, then your club is dying. New members are needed to bring new ideas to a club, to assist existing members with service projects and fundraising, and to add new energy to a club. It is VERY IMPORTANT for every club to grow. We have just four months remaining in this program year. So, for your club, Get Going!

Second, on a very personal level, I have devoted a lot of my time, resources and energy over the last eight months serving as your District 12-N Governor. I would really like to end my term of office with a positive membership growth for our District and we are now so very close. So, for me, Please Get Going, Just Ask People and Do Your Best to Add New Members to Your Club!

Third, as you know, Past International Director Bob Corlew from Tennessee is campaigning to become our Second Vice-International President at the Lions Clubs International Convention in Toronto in July. It is very important for his home state to produce positive membership growth this year. District 12-N needs to contribute to this effort by growing our membership. So, for Bob, Get Tough, Get Going and Get Growing!

I am calling on all Lions in District 12-N to become part of this effort during the next four months. I have also mailed a special membership challenge to all club presidents with a very specific goal and with some very specific strategies identified. Please support your president and assist him/her in accomplishing this challenge. Remember When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going!

District Governor Mike

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