What a great month August was getting to visit some of the clubs in our District. The exciting thing about club visits, other than talking with club members, is the variety of projects the clubs do for their communities. Even the smallest of clubs serve and make a difference in the lives of others. Kudos and hats off to Knox North, Halls Community, Clinton, Inskip, Kingsport, Loudon and Rutledge – thanks for a great visit.   I am anxious to get around to more clubs in September and see what exciting projects they are working on.

Centennial Celebration Service Project – I am purchasing cards that depict the American Flag with the phrase “Thank You for Your Service” on the front, blank inside, with the message on the back stating “The Lions Clubs of East Tennessee appreciate your service!” I would like the clubs to purchase 100 cards from me for $100 and write personal messages to our service men and women. I am working with a couple different organizations for distribution of these cards unless you have a contact that we could use. In addition to the purchase of the cards, distribution is what the rest of your money would be used for. The other option is to write the cards to our men and women in Blue (police, EMTs or firefighters). It is your club’s choice but your club would do the distribution for this option. Thanks to Inskip and Kingsport for purchasing the first two sets of cards. Please let me know if you would like to participate.

I challenge each club to do something related to our 100 year Centennial Celebration. It can be as simple as passing out 100 bottles of water at a community event, handing out 100 lions brochures, or serving 100 individuals in another manner. The key is reporting your activity at least to me if nothing else but on line would be preferable.

Yours in Lionism,

-DG Paulette

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