DG Chuck and Lion Paulette Bailey

Fellow Lions of District 12-N,

Before you know it Ground Hog Day will be here and we will know, according to Punxsutawney Phil, whether we will have six more weeks of winter or an early spring.  Phil, the infallible four footed forecaster, seems to get it right, or wrong, based on whether he sees his shadow on February 2.  A shadow means six more weeks of winter.

Being a two footed predictor, I have some District 12-N forecasts to share with you, too.

We will definitely have six more weeks of weather prior to spring’s arrival.

We will have completed our 12-N convention and those Lions attending will know how to Hula including our then newly elected District Governor Elect, 1st Vice District Governor Elect, and Second Vice District Governor elect.

With their election, we will have achieved one of my three objectives, “Leave in place a team dedicated to the continued revitalization of our District.” My other two objectives are yet to be achieved but are still very much attainable.  Namely, “Charter 3 new clubs” and “Grow the District membership by a net 60 members.”  I predict they will also be achieved.  Vice District Governors Dianne and Mike have spent numerous hours seeing to it that clubs are formed in Alcoa, Jonesbourough, Jellico and Oliver Springs.   And you club presidents and membership chairs have done a remarkable job of maintaining our membership so that the 60 new members joining the district from at least 3 new clubs will mean real district growth.  Thank you.  Sixty pairs of new hands to do the work of Lions and join the ranks of us whose motto is, “WE SERVE.”

I predict that by the time you read this, I will have applied to LCI to Charter the Jellico Area Lions Club thanks to VDG Mike and Guiding; Lions Nellie and Dean Harshbarger.  Oliver Springs will be next, again thanks to VDG Mike and Guiding Lions; John Kelsey and VDG Mike.  The first Organizational meeting has occurred in Alcoa where prospects are promising thanks to VDG Dianne and Guiding Lions; Kevin Storberg and Joe Klint.  Preparations for the first organizational meeting in Jonesbourough are under way.  Guiding Lions for that new club are in the process of being identified.  Thank you all.  Job well done.

I predict that next year’s Turtle Derby will be bigger and better now that Johnson City has made the Lion’s magazine.  Congratulations.  It make me feel proud to see an article about one of the clubs in our own district in the association’s magazine.

I predict that our communities will continue to be better places to live because Lion by Lion, Club by Club, WE SERVE.

Yours in Lionism,

DG Chuck Bailey

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