Roar Lions,

Lion? When I first joined, I joined for social reasons. We had recently moved to a new community and I only knew one person, my mother-in-law. During the year we held our fundraisers but had no requests from the community for eyeglasses or other help. However, at the end of the year we emptied our community account by donating to
certain District charities, Leader Dogs for the Blind, Camp Tatiyee-Handicap and White
Cane. This was when I became a real Lion. It was the first time I realized I could help
improve someone’s life.

Now Bill and I raise Future Leader Dog puppies and have raised eight puppies for Leader Dog. Five of which are helping to help make someone’s life brighter, safer and happier. Currently Leader Dog needs puppy raisers. The mamma dogs have given birth to more than they have raisers to raise. They need you. Do you feel you could sacrifice a year of your life to raise a puppy that will help make someone’s life brighter, safer and happier? You won’t be sorry. For information and an application to be a puppy raiser contact Bill and I will be picking up a puppy in November, earlier than we had planned. Her name is Nova. She is a yellow lab.

I want to remind everyone that the District convention is not as far away as it seems. Now is the time to register and reserve your room if you need one. The registration form is available HERE! Dress is casual or Lions t-shirts except for Saturday evening dinner. Dressier clothing is requested. Also remember to bring loads of white socks of all sizes for our Warm Feet for the Cold Streets project. I am looking forward to seeing you there. It is a good idea for new members to accompany their sponsors to the convention.

Carol McDonald, District Governor (Note the change in email address)


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