Roar Lions,

I can’t believe that this Lions year is almost half over. I have had the privilege to visit 34 of 43 clubs and celebrated two anniversaries. I have enjoyed my time with each of you. Every club is unique and special and reaches out to meet the special needs of the community or communities they serve. Some have many Lions and can do many activities. While others with fewer Lions can serve only a few. Each one should be pleased with what you have done.

I’m sure most clubs have full schedules for the remaining half of this year, but I would like to  encourage you to make time for some social activities. I know we are all busy being Lions but are we busy being friends. What do we do to get to know each other better? An atmosphere of friendship can go a long way to keep some of our Lions in the pride. We, the District, have lost 50 members so far this year and December is a month when statistically we lose more members. On the upside we have gained 37 new members. But that leaves us with a deficit of 13 valuable Lions. This doesn’t count the 12 fewer members we dropped at the end of 2018-19. Figuring that in we are down 25 Lions. How can we fix this?

I also recommend you begin choosing officers for next fiscal year so that all the incoming officers, experienced and new, will be able to attend their officer training in the spring. It would be so good if we could have 100% attendance at the officer

The District convention is only 80 days away. Have you sent in your reservation yet? You can find it at the end of this newsletter. Remember to bring white socks for the District project, “Warm Feet for the Cold Streets”, and items for the silent auction.

Carol McDonald, District Governor (Note the change in email address)


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