Once again District 12N held its Convention in February. Our Convention was a success by many standards but outstanding were our Keynote Speaker, International Director N. Alan Lundgren; the Kingsport LionsLCIF Donation project Tiny Houses for Sale“; the presentation regarding Childhood Cancers given by Dr. Abigail Cruz of our local St. Judes Clinic (affiliated with Niswonger Childrens Hospital in Johnson City); and the Diabetes presentation by PDG Chuck Bailey. The Convention Team, under direction of the very talented PDG Diane Wilkerson, thanks each of you who attended and those who gave their time and financial resources to make the Convention such a success. Again, Carol and I wish to thank you for your kindness and service to 12N and to Tennessee MD12 Lions.

I would like for us in 12N to take time to congratulate our newlyelected 20182019 district officers: 2nd VDGE Millie Burke, 1st VDGE Carol McDonald, and DGE Brandon Johnson. Please show them the respect and kindness that you have shown to Carol and me and to our Cabinet. Thank you.

However, before we forget, we still have four months to go in 2018 in which to accomplish several District and MultiDistrict goals. To remind us of those, I have listed below my continuing priorities:

  1. Membership (new Clubs)
  2. Membership (rebuild Clubs)
  3. Membership (retention)
  4. LCIF 100% Club participation
  5. White Cane (hearing aids and 12-N raffle)
  6. Implement “Global Teams” (GMT, GLT, GST)
  7. Train new officers (Club and District)
  8. Implement changes to District By-Laws
  9. MD-12 Webmaster
  10. MD-12 Treasurer training

Regarding the Membership Growth goal of positive numbers, the following Clubs have honored us: Morristown Morris Boulevard (3), Karns (5), Elizabethton (5), West Knox (10), Knoxville East (20). Four of these Clubs were recognized in the Convention midyear contest.

In addition, I do wish to commend the most recent successes regarding new membership in the Newport Lions Club and Tellico Village Lions Club. I also wish to recognize once again the four individuals to whom International Director Alan Lundgren presented with our International Presidents Certificates, our Associations 4th highest honor: Lion Mike Walker of West Knox Lions, Lion Kim Osborne of Sevier County Lions, Lion Shirley Hughes of Elizabethton Lions, and Lion Cory Payne of Powell Lions. These four young Lionshave stepped up in leadership and service and exemplify the heart of Lionism.

Thanks for all you do for your communities and for your fellow Lions. Your service is important.

Adam Bowling

District Governor 12-N


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