DG Mike and Lion JayneDear Fellow Lions!

Dear Fellow Lions,

The 2013-2014 International Theme will be: Follow Your Dreams to Reach New Heights. My dream is for District 12-N to reach new heights in membership growth, charitable donations and leadership development during the next program year.

To make this dream a reality, I am challenging every club in our district to induct at least four to six new members, to increase their charitable donations by at least $200 and to send at least two club members to the District Information Forum in November and to the District Convention in February.

To assist clubs with these efforts, a membership growth manual, a fundraising manual and a leadership development manual will be distributed to all clubs in July.

To recognize clubs meeting these challenges, a Blue Star Award for meeting the membership challenge, a Green Star Award for meeting the charitable donation challenge and a Gold Star Award for meeting the leadership development challenge will be presented. Clubs meeting all three challenges will receive a copy of the King Lion sketch by artist Amy Leonard.

Also, the club with the greatest membership growth as a percentage of their beginning membership and the club with the largest number of new members will each receive a $1,000 check for Lions Clubs International Foundation. They then will be able to award a Melvin Jones Fellowship to a member of their club or community.

Let’s work hard next year to follow our dreams and to grow Lionism in East Tennessee.

D.G.E. Mike McDonough

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