Dear District 12N Lions,

On July 1, 2020 we begin a new Lions year. First, I wish to Thank everyone for what they did for their Communities, Clubs, and District 12N in Lions year 2019- 2020.

As we enter this Lion year, we are entering uncharted times. One thing I keep thinking of is the symbolism of the Lion logo created so many years ago with one Lion facing the past and the other facing the future. I believe this symbolism is vitally important to us as we move into the future. Some of the things we did in the past will still work in this future we are entering and some will not. The only thing I am absolutely sure of is that we will need to be courageous and try both old and new.

I’ve heard some and not just in Lions lament, “Oh we can’t do that anymore” and in some cases this may be true due to social distancing requirements. But in many cases, perhaps the task can be accomplished if we approach it differently. So, the challenge is, before we say something can’t be done, let’s look at it and see how it can work if we change it a little. As
Brian Sheehan 2nd International Vice President said recently “Don’t let Covid19 be the excuse”.


July 18, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. will be the District 12 N Organizational meeting at Lions Volunteer Blind Industries in Morristown. Due to Covid 19 restrictions we are limited to 50 attendees and masks are encouraged. We are planning the 2nd Annual Christmas in July to benefit the two Children’s Hospitals in East Tennessee.

If you are unable to attend, please let us know what you would like us to do to help you and your Club navigate these uncharted times. Another thing from the past that is so very important to remember today is the Lions Toast “Not above you, not beneath you, but with you.” Please let the DG Team know how we can help you, your Club, and ultimately the people you “Serve”.

Tartan, a dog, will be hidden somewhere in each News and Views issue. When found, email Millie with the page number on which you found him by the 15th of the month for a drawing to win a pin.

Millie Burke, DG



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