Dear District 12N Lions,

First, I wish to Thank everyone who was able to attend the District 12N Organizational Meeting on July 18, 2020. Although we did miss those who were not able to attend, I understand and agree you should only do what you are comfortable with in these uncertain times. The Christmas in July collection for the Children’s Hospitals in East Tennessee was a success again, so Thank you for that. It is so nice to see the Tennessee 12N clubs join together for a common cause.

At the Organizational Meeting I did roll out the 2020-2021 incentive program designed to help encourage District 12N Lions to both read News & Views and participate in Lions Learning Opportunities. The program description is in this newsletter and available online at

We are encouraging everyone to use the District Website and it is constantly being updated as we obtain new information. The
District Directory has recently been added to a password protected area under the Member Resources tab. Contact your Club President, Club Secretary or the Leadership Team for the password as we want to protect people’s privacy while keeping everyone informed.

I have been able to visit a number of Clubs in July and hope to continue in person visits in August, so please contact me at when your Club starts to meet in person. Due to the fluid changes brought on by Covid19, I am trying to visit those Clubs prior to joining Zoom meetings. I am greatly appreciative of the many ways that Clubs are continuing to “Serve” their Communities safely.

Millie Burke, DG



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