Hello Fellow Lions

Well another month has passed and almost the end of the calendar year.  Don’t forget that October is White Cane month. 2nd Vice District Governor Ed Gibbons has a new flyer ready for your clubs use.  Call or email him today to get yours (423-914-9991 or ed.gibbons@wataugainsurance.com).

November is Diabetes Awareness month.  Did you know that diabetes is the # 1 cause of blindness?  If your club is not promoting diabetes screenings you need to start doing so.  It’s almost hypocritical to promote eye health if we don’t screen for diabetes.  There is no cost to the club for training and/or supplies.   Immediate Past District Governor Chuck Bailey is doing a great job getting the clubs trained and supplies to those clubs after their training.  If your club is in need of training, call or email IPDG Chuck today (865-458-3088 or chuckyegg@aol.com). 

My next topic is membership.  Most of you are aware that our district is slipping in membership numbers.  Our district should be at 1250 and we are currently at 1021.  If each member would grow by one member, then we would double in size.  How awesome would that be?   More members in your club would mean a lighter load for all your members.  We need to think outside the box when attracting potential new Lions.  The world is changing place.  Our clubs also need to change if we are to continue serving our communities.  Let’s start asking our friends, neighbors and relatives to become members and start bringing up our club numbers. 

Think of ways to promote your club that do not cost anything.  Such as

  • Does your club have a web site?
  • Public Service Announcements, such as kid sight screenings, elections, new members joining your club, your club project
  • Connect with the Imagination Library representative in your area.  They get books that are returned and are unable to locate the owners, so they need a way to get these books into the hands of other children.  You could give a child a book at your Kid Sight screenings.
  • Get local Boy Scout clubs involved in your community service projects.  Did you know that LCI has a patch/badge for that? 
  • Add your clubs activities to the district web site. 

Some clubs are growing by leaps and bounds and others are not.  What is the difference you ask, I’m glad you asked.  The difference is they are asking their friends, coworkers and others.  Don’t forget to ask.  Remember “EACH ONE GROW ONE”.

Thanks for all you do.

District Governor Diane Wilkerson

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