DG Chuck and Lion Paulette Bailey

Fellow Lions of District 12-N,

I just attended a memorial service for a deceased Lion, one of too many I attended this year.  The experience crystalized for me that our human race continues because others are born into our population at a rate faster than those leaving and, therefore, our population grows in number. But not all populations grow in number.

In the animal kingdom, species whose birth rates are less than the death rate eventually die out.  Without intervention, extinction of these species is the ultimate fate.  In this country and in many places around the world humans do intervene on behalf of endangered species and offer protections and help in order to prevent their extinction. Such animals are placed on the endangered species list and are afforded special protections to head off their demise.

In our District and in much of our country, Lions are not joining our ranks at a rate faster than they are leaving.  I am very concerned about the future of Lionism.  As with the animal kingdom, without intervention, the ultimate fate of Lions in this country is extinction. Therefore, I propose that we put Lions on the endangered species list.  I propose that we afford special protections to head off our own demise.

We can implement these special protections by a two pronged approach. 

  • First, we take special care of our existing Lions to make sure their needs are being met; that they feel a part of our Lions family and are appreciated for what they are doing in their clubs and communities.  While we cannot do anything about the Lions death rate, we can do much about our living Lions to ensure they are not leaving our ranks because we fail to recognize their individual contributions.  Be sure to say, “Thank you for all you do” to all Lions, especially those who may feel their contribution is too small.   
  • The second part of the special protections is to increase the Lions birth rate to ensure a growing population.  Remember, a growing population results when people enter the population at a rate greater than people leaving the population.  In our case, the birth rate is analogous to new members.

Under the Lions Endangered Species Act we need to never miss an opportunity to invite people to join our ranks and at the earliest opportunity give the new Lions the experience of personally helping someone in need.  I am convinced that once new Lions feel, for themselves, the very special personal satisfaction obtained from helping change the life of someone in need, they will feel they have received more than they have given.  Please, join me in implementing the Lions Endangered Species Act; everybody, take care of one another and invite a new member to join our ranks.

Thank you for all you do.

DG Chuck Bailey

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