DG Chuck and Lion Paulette Bailey

Fellow Lions on District 12-N,

Today is Memorial Day as I sit here to write this final letter to you as District Governor of 12-N.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in this capacity and thank you for the confidence you placed in me three years ago when I was elected to become the first Second Vice District Governor in our district.  That event began the three year journey to becoming your District Governor.

I also want to thank those on whose support I relied on in order to fulfill the mission of DG.  For fear of omitting someone, I won’t list all the names, but a big Thank You to all of you.  The Cabinet members, Zone Chairs, GLT/GMT teams, Convention Chair, Newsletter editor and distributor, and Committee Chairs all expended extra effort to make our District the best in the state of Tennessee.

Congratulations also go out to those Lions who were recognized by awards from our Multi-District, Lions Clubs International and the Foundation for Melvin Jones Fellowships.  The service by you toward your fellow man can only be partially recognized by these awards.  Keep up the good work.

We cannot forget the service provided by the deceased Lions in our district.  Thank you.  We wish you peace in your eternal rest and comfort to your living loved ones.

Being Memorial Day, it would be a tragic oversight if I omitted a big Thank You to our founding fathers and all who served our great country to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today.  I pray for the day when we truly have peace on earth and those in uniform who place themselves in harm’s way to protect the ideals of our country can return home to enjoy the fruits of their efforts they valiantly fought for.

The next “12-N News & Views” you see will have a message from our next District Governor, Diane Wilkerson, from the Powell Lions Club.  She will be leading a team of Vice District Governors; Mike McDonough from the Campbell County Lions Club and Ed Gibbons from the Johnson City Lions Club.  They are all dedicated people committed to serving you and District 12-N.  They want to see 12-N increase in membership so that Lions can serve more people and to build a cadre of future leaders to replace themselves.  With our continued support, they will be successful… I will continue to be available to serve in whatever way I am able.

Thank you for all you do and for this opportunity to serve you.

DG Chuck Bailey

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