Hello District 12-N!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as your District Governor. I have received encouraging words from everyone and look forward to working with each and every one of you this year.

I especially want to say “Thank You” to those who have agreed to work on a committee, hold a position on the cabinet and to those who have agreed to NOT block my phone number and you know who you are!!

I am so excited about the opportunities that a new year brings. I had a great time in Busan, South Korea and will share some of my photos in the next news letter. The trip was awesome.

The following information is from International President Wayne Madden at the Internal Convention in Busan. I was stunned by the following information. I hope that we can find some way to incorporate reading into the things we do. Please read on:

The World is changing. Our clubs also need to change. If we are to continue serve – we must change. In the world of service one person can make a difference. International President Wayne Madden stated that 1 billion people – 26% of the world. – 21 million people alone in the United States alone cannot read.

As part of this year’s “A World of Service” theme, International President Wayne Madden is challenging Lions to participate in the Reading Action Program (RAP) to focus on increasing literacy and access to learning resources through their service. Literacy is the ability to read and write – it is the foundation for education and social development. Yet, hundreds of millions of adults lack minimum literacy skills and millions of school-aged children are not attending school to obtain them.

The Reading Action Program (RAP) is a call to action for every Lions club around the world to organize service projects and activities that underscore the importance of reading and address specific needs related to illiteracy within their own community. Many clubs have already taken great strides to bridge the gaps in literacy and education, while addressing the need for healthy vision. They donate books along with free eye exams for parents and their children.

Lions and Leos will be recognized for their accomplishments through the World of Service Awards, including awards for Best Long-Term Reading Action Program and Best Reading Action Program RAP Video.

How great would it be if District 12-N would receive one of those awards?

So I am challenging you to help me encourage our members to donate books during your club events. Lions International is one of the world’s largest service organization and people want to be a part of this service organization. The first drum set that was given to Stevie Wonder was by a Lions club at a Christmas party. So you never know what will happen or when it will happen.

Dedication + Preparation + Teamwork = Equal Excellence

Lions of District 12-N, let’s find our community spirit, let pull together and each one grow one. Together with your help we can have an awesome year. Try to remember not only when you became a Lion but when you “BECAME” a Lion.

DG Diane Wilkerson

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