Braille Slates Provided to LVBI

On November 4, 2010, in Projects, by 12-N Lions

Report provided by Lion Larry Hawk

Fifty Braille slates have been given to Lions Volunteer Blind Industries (LVBI) for their distribution.

These slates were delivered free so LVBI could transfer slates as needed to other network Blind Industries for samples or to be given to their  employees as needed.

The Lion magazine has been a wonderful source of contacts for free slate distribution. User feedback and additional orders are slow in coming. We have forwarded six to a school in Brazil, but have not received a response.

Slates are $6 to Lions and $20 each in bulk of six or more to the same address.

Since the molds were transferred to India last year, fabrication and distribution has been going great in that part of the world. The United States Post Office stopped free shipping to other countries for the blind and the postage is now $16.50 US.

So far our finances are in good shape!

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