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On September 8, 2010, in Projects, Recognition, by 12-N Lions

Dear District 12N Lions,

I have accepted the responsibility of serving as your Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) Co-Chairman for the 2010-11 year.  My predecessor and Co-chair, Bob Harrington, who has done an excellent job for many years, will still be available to answer questions and to assist.

My goal is to effectively  promote LCIF and to support their programs.  These programs aid people worldwide who need medical care, disaster relief, provide educational opportunities,  and fund projects that will improve lives in their communities.

Each donation of $1,000  entitles the club to name a Melvin Jones Fellow (MJF).  In addition, all clubs who donate $10.00, for each  member on their roster as of July 1, 2010,  will qualify to have a Lion member chosen as an MJF by the District Governor and the MJF district committee.  Minimum club donation is $225, regardless of size.   Donations of smaller amounts  to the District are pooled to award, ‘at large’ MJFs.  Over the years, Lions District 12-N has averaged naming over 30 Lions each year to receive this honor.

These donations are used to provide grants for the people and organizations in need.  These grants are not given to local governments.  They are supervised by Lions organizations who see that they are used to directly benefit those intended

The Melvin Jones Fellowship, named after the Lions Club founder, is presented by the Lions Club International Foundation to Club members or private citizens for their outstanding community work.  It is one of the Lion’s most prestigious awards.

I request that  you ask your club to select that outstanding Lion (or Lions), that deserves recognition and show the club’s appreciation of a job well done.  I believe that every club has at least one Lion member who deserves this award

Now, while you are preparing next year’s budget, is the time to determine how much your club can contribute.  It is traditional that LCIF donations are given to the District Governor during his official visit to your club.

LCIF donations are a good value for us in Tennessee.  In many previous years, we  received more in grants, than we contributed.  For example, we are now in the process of applying for a $75,000 grant for Lions Volunteer Blind Industries building expansion.  We have received grants for those who suffered from tornados in Morgan and Roane counties, the floods in Nashville, the Elizabethton floods, the Braille Trail in Kingsport, and many others.

In closing, I wish to offer my assistance with the forms, and to provide further information about the Foundation.  Lion Bob and myself  would be delighted to visit your club to present our program and answer questions  There  is also a video program available.


Lion Ron Riehn
LCIF Co-Chairman
(865) 690-2557

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