2013-06 Oneida Health Fair

Farragut Lions, Marty and Wayne Stormer performed Diabetes Screenings while Tellico Village Lions John Diehm and Curt Isakson (not in picture) performed Vision Screenings at the Oneida Walgreens Health Fair on June 24.

Rural counties within our district have populations with marginal healthcare.  Lions can perform a vital service to their communities by assisting with screenings to alert folks who might otherwise have no indication that they need to seek professional medical assistance to maintain their health.  Diabetes, for example, can be like a thief in the night, slowly stealing someone’s eyesight or destroying vital organs without any symptoms until the irreversible damage is done.

If your club would like to help prevent the #1 cause of adult blindness by performing diabetes screening, contact Diabetes Chair, Chuck Bailey at 865-458-3088.  He can speak to your club about the screening process and if your club is interested in performing Diabetes Screenings, he will train interested club members and leave necessary equipment with you to get your club started.

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