Thanks to all who attended our Second 12N Cabinet Meeting in November. I wish that more Lions had been there to hear the presentations about Diabetes, the new LCI service challenge in which most of our Clubs will participate in the future. I want to recognize two of our several Clubs who have shown aboveaverage interest and have already been involved in educating our communities and providing services: 1) Knoxville East Club raising prevention awareness of Type II at Knoxville Vine Middle School, and 2) Clinton Clubs presentations both about service dogs and the way Type I Diabetes can affect a teenager.

I also want to say how pleased I was when advised recently that the Dandridge Lions and the area Leos Clubs combined forces to collect over $6,000 for our District 12N White Cane Charities. This proves that hard work and partnerships can bring out the best in our communities.

District 12N is rapidly moving forward in providing increased donations from each of our Clubs for our District Charities and LCIF. Our goal to have 100% of our Clubs contributing to LCIF will provide funding for needed grants to support our two new missions, Diabetes and Juvenile Cancer, while also continuing to fund emergency grants for natural disasters and for community needs.

Membership is an area needing our attention. I strongly suggest that all our Clubs take advantage of the Club Member Survey strategy to turn the tide of losing existing members due to unexpressed dissatisfaction. Lets try to involve everyone and capitalize on our membersskills and desire to help. If you think this might benefit your Club, please contact GMTs PDG Bill McDonald or PDG Jim McFarland.

Lets not forget to fill out the registration form included in this newsletter for our annual District 12N Convention (February 23 & 24, 2018). We need all Clubs to participate and we need members who are not officers to also attend. This is a great opportunity to fire up your Club members as you learn more about Diabetes, Juvenile Cancer, and membership.

Its time for all of our Clubs to appoint delegates for voting on business issues and officer elections at Februarys Convention. Club secretaries should report these authorized names to the 12N credentialing officer, PDG John Kelsey, at

Thanks for all you do for your communities and your fellow Lions. Your service is important.

Adam Bowling

District Governor 12-N


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